Ensemble and Entrez


The Ensembl project was started in 1999, some years before the draft human genome was completed. Even at that early stage it was clear that manual annotation of 3 billion base pairs of sequence would not be able to offer researchers timely access to the latest data. The goal of Ensembl was therefore to automatically annotate the genome, integrate this annotation with other available biological data and make all this publicly available via the web.


Single search engine of NCBI. Entrez is not a gene database. It’s the name of the NCBI infrastructure which provides access to all of the NCBI databases. One of those is the Gene database, so you would say “Entrez Gene”.

there is not necessarily an one-to-one mapping between Entrez Gene and Ensembl Gene IDs.



ubuntu software

  1. Fcitx: a input method framework with extension support, which provides an interface for entering characters of different scripts in applications using a variety of mapping systems.
  2. baobab,synaptic: Disk Usage Analyzer
  3. upgrade ubuntu:
  4. Install Oracle Java:
  5. wine1.8
  6. 做图工具:Kolourpaint
  7. Process Viewer:Htop
    an interactive process viewer for Unix systems.
  8. Indicator-SysMonitor
  9. Move launcher to bottom
  10. foobar

DAVID new version: 6.8

DAVID 6.8 (current beta release) May. 2016

— The DAVID Knowledgebase completely rebuilt
— Entrez Gene integrated as the central identifier to allow for more timely updates
while still incorporating Ensembl and Uniprot as integral data sources
— New GO category (GO Direct) provides GO mappings directly annotated by the source database (no parent terms included)
— New annotation categories
— New list identifier systems added for list uploading and conversion
— A few bugs fixed