Homo sapiens (human)

Human genome projects have generated an unprecedented amount of knowledge about human genetics and health.

Study of the human condition such as genetic and infectious disease, the intersection between genetics and the environment, and population variation is supported by a wealth of genome-scale data. These data sets include: a) numerous sequenced genomes including several which have been assembled; b) studies that examine transcript and protein existence, abundance, and differential expression; c) epigenomic and functional studies to define regulatory and other sequence elements; and d) population studies to define small and large variations in the genome, transcriptome, proteome, epigenome, or the microbiome. The result is an unprecedented amount of data and knowledge concerning human genetics that will result in breakthroughs in understanding human biology as well as significant medical advances.A challenge facing researchers today is that of analyzing and integrating the plethora of data available. The sequence and other molecular data available provides a critical foundation for continued advances in medicine, basic research, and clinical diagnostic technologies.


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