Excel 数据分析

  1. 回归分析
  2. 直线图
  3. 快速公式套用:
    1. 在一个格子内输入公式;
    2. 点击该格子,Ctrl+Shift+方向,选定所有需要套用的格子;
    3. Ctrl+D,完成计算。




A repository is usually used to organize a single project. Repositories can contain folders and files, images, videos, spreadsheets, and data sets – anything your project needs. We recommend including a README, or a file with information about your project. GitHub makes it easy to add one at the same time you create your new repository. It also offers other common options such as a license file.


Branching is the way to work on different versions of a repository at one time.

By default your repository has one branch named master which is considered to be the definitive branch. We use branches to experiment and make edits before committing them to master.


On GitHub, saved changes are called commits.

Pull Request

When you open a pull request, you’re proposing your changes and requesting that someone review and pull in your contribution and merge them into their branch. Pull requests show diffs, or differences, of the content from both branches. The changes, additions, and subtractions are shown in green and red.

GitHub Pages


GitHub Pages are public webpages hosted and published through our site.

You can create and publish GitHub Pages online using the Automatic Page Generator. If you prefer to work locally, you can use the GitHub Desktop or the command line.

Pages are served over HTTP, not HTTPS, so you shouldn’t use them for sensitive transactions, like sending passwords or credit card numbers.

NCBI 使用注意事项及技巧

  1. 关于序列标识join和complement:

    gene complement(2872..3195)
    /gene=” lacZ’ ”
    Sequence:NC_000913.3 (363231..366305, complement)

  2. 在指定的基因组检索目的序列:打开基因组,然后输入目的序列,开始检索。
  3. 对于蛋白质,NCBI提供了查看其CD(conserved domain),名字叫“Identify Conserved Domains”;



DAVID-WS (web service) has been developed to automate user tasks by providing stateful web services to access DAVID programmatically without the need for human interactions. [1]


DAVID-WS is made stateful by keeping the state-related input of a user operation in a session context that can be accessed by subsequent user operations within the same session. Users can add lists, change background populations, select species and categories and reset functional parameters for data analysis, as well as query all tools within the same session and format output as desired. [1]

[1] Jiao, X., Sherman, B.T., Huang da, W., Stephens, R., Baseler, M.W., Lane, H.C., and Lempicki, R.A. (2012). DAVID-WS: a stateful web service to facilitate gene/protein list analysis. Bioinformatics 28, 1805-1806.